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About Us
Tri-S Trucking was originally founded with a primary emphasis on supplying the construction industry with reliable transportation for heavy equipment, bulk containers and materials handling, hazardous waste and general construction debris. By utilizing managements' distinctive understanding and experience in these industries, the company was able to expand operations throughout the geographical areas East of the Mississippi, offering customers wide-ranging solutions to their most challenging transportation tasks.

Tri-S Trucking soon expanded its market base, leveraging our current strong transporter associations to offer more wide-ranging services in the dry bulk van freight as well as flatbed and demoralizer. Our solid regional operations have allowed the company to expand and offer cost effective transportation services throughout the East of the Mississippi areas while remaining steadfast to providing our customers with unparalleled dedication to their unique business needs.
We pride ourselves on providing manufacturers/shippers with consistent and reliable transportation services, ensuring that your freight safely gets where it needs to go, when it needs to be there.
Hazardous Matrerials
Construction & Demolition Heavy Equipment
Construction & Demolition Debris
Building Materials
Paper Products
Metal Sheet
Special Waste
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Van Trailers
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